Always Remember the “Why” For Anything You Do

I thought I had prepared myself and would accept the outcome either way. Turns out I was lying to myself. Read More

A Day of Unplugging….A Photo Journal


Feeling the need to recharge your batteries? And by that I mean filling your soul with things you love, not charging your electronics! Read More

Breaking Up With The Shopaholic Version of Myself

She doesn’t want to go. She hangs on, like a clingy boyfriend. Though I try to distance myself, the shopaholic in me still makes occasional appearances – taunting me saying “Let’s go to Winners, we’ll just look around” or “How great would it be to have those beautiful boots?”. She knows how to push my buttons. Read More

Want to Learn What Is Important in Life? Hang Out With a 5 and a 3 Year Old

I could have easily sat on the sidelines. But I made a choice to put my phone away and participate in the moment instead. And was I ever glad that I did. Read More

Why I Will Always Remember My First Time



Travelling, that is! It was the first time I had been on a flight longer than 45 minutes and was the beginning of my love affair with airplanes and travel.

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How My Car Taking The Day Off Turned Into A Lesson In Perspective

I. Was. Mad. It was a Friday morning. Dead car. Blizzard blowing outside. This was happening for a second time, not long after the first.

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Kissing Perfection Goodbye In Order To Try Something New

What if I suck at this?

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My On-Again, Off-Again Relationship With Gratitude

Sometimes I have trouble being grateful. And then I feel guilty that I don’t feel grateful. And then I think I must be a real jerk. Read More